Merry Christmas 2016 from Mary & Jim WWJW? We celebrate His birthday; what would Jesus want? “Toy soldiers, all in line”? He’s left some hints. “Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12). “ … whoever would be great among you must be your servant” (Matthew 20:26). “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly […]

“Wars and rumors of wars” … The pope said that Christmas this year is a charade. Are these the “end times”? Will the ISholes bring about Armageddon? I cannot say that the happenings within the smaller world I inhabit are of such apocalyptic consequence. Gigi and Eric sold their house four miles from us, and, […]

I was not attracted to the movie concept when it came out. I am opposed to war, and this one was advertised as being too “Rah, Rah!” for my taste. War is not a football game with a tailgate party; that is all too true of Iraq. But when it became available on the net […]

Since the recent murders at a church in South Carolina, a lot has been said about the flag which, it is reported, the perp displayed during the attack.  Much has come out about the ideas with which the flag is associated.  You probably have created a list too, whether you wanted to or not.  The […]

I just finished Carl Sagan’s, The Demon-Haunted World. Dr. Sagan died in 1996, while still teaching a course in critical thinking (not that he was in the classroom when he perished). Along with Richard Dawkins, Dr. Sagan (“Sagan” from here on out), is caught on a fence. The fence is on one side a very […]

Merry Christ’s Mass 2014 from Mary & Jim Whence belief? As a youngster, the authorities, i.e. the parents, may have spoken of God in less persuasive terms than the Easter Bunny or Santa. That Jesus rose from the dead, and that after death we’d be in heaven (if we didn’t get lumps of coal in […]

I just watched a movie called “The Perfect Game” which was made around 2008. It portrays real events that took place in 1957 when I was ten years old. Lads from Monterey in Mexico, just one and two years older than me and from a typically poor area of Mexico, formed a baseball team. For […]